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        Keep a cool head under fire ™
        COBRA™ : COBRA? ELITE?
        The Elite Lineup
        All ELITE™ hoods are UL Classified and are compliant to NFPA 1971 - Current Edition. Hoods are double ply and feature an extra long length, tapered back and notched shoulder design so bib lies flat on chest and back.
        • Classified protection (UL Classified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971-2007)
        • Used for structural fire fighting or other fire service applications
        • Improved styling for better fit and maximum coverage. Provides double layer coverage of neck, upper chest shoulders and shoulder blades. (Length of hood at back is about 17½ inches; 19 inches at front.
        • Tapered back and notched shoulder drape allow bib to lie flat
        • Bib length from below face opening is xx”
        • ½” wide elastic face opening stretches to full 17” for snug fit around SCBA mask
        • Flat-stitched seams don’t dig into skin and eliminate bunching


        SURE FIT?

        All the features of the Original Cobra Elite hood PLUS:

        • 3” wide center panel in place of traditional center seam
        • Panel allows hood to contour to the shape of your head
        • Improved fit and comfort